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Speakers TEQNATION Conference

Top Speakers

Erik Meijer

Senior Director of Engineering @ Facebook

Automind: Enterprise-Grade AI Assistants Done Right

Michael A. Lundsveen

Senior Engineer and AI researcher @ Østfold University College

Practical GenAI – Beyond the hype and existential dread

Nadia Alshahwan

Software Engineer @ Instagram Product Performance

Automatically generating regression unit tests at Instagram


Soroosh Khodami

Solution Architect at Rabobank

Secure Software Ecosystems: Best Practices and Regulatory Insights

Jessy The

Frontend Developer with interest in web3, blockchain and the Metaverse

How to build a Creative DApp with AI&web3

Kenny Baas-Schwegler

Sociotechnical Deep Democratic system catalyser through collaborative modelling

Deep Dive into Model-Driven Design: Refining Domain Models in Code

Rowdy Rabouw

Front-End Focused Senior DevOps Engineer

Beats in the Browser – Coding Music with JavaScript

Speakers TEQNATION Conference

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